From Tiny Tofu Town to audience participation games like ToFun and Tofu Eating Contests, the Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival offers some exciting fun for everyone.

Feeling adventurous? Then participate onstage as part of our ToFun audience participation games to win prizes! See how fast you can suck tofu through a straw, or test your tasting skills in a game of “Tofu or Not Tofu.”

Want to showcase your tofu-eating skills? Then volunteer for one of our “Tofu Throwdown” Tofu Eating Contests, where you’ll race against others in scarfing down a block of tofu — some with added obstacles.

Tiny Tofu Town is where you’ll find a feast of activities for children and adults alike, including Tofu Toss, Tofu Target and Lasso Tofu, to name a few.

Special thanks to volunteers from Japanese Community Youth Council’s Japantown Youth Leaders