Artisan Vendors 🎨

Old River Design Co.

Old River Design Co. offers handmade items that fit into a busy foodie’s life! Our items are handmade in San Francisco and feature Japanese fabrics, including:

– Bento Buddies — portable chopstick carriers — are convenient, washable, and reduce your reliance on single-use utensils.

– Cup carriers — allow you to carry your favorite tea or coffee drinks while freeing your hands up. Plus, they make a great fashion statement!

– Dish towels and trivets — adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen while keeping it functional.

Old River Design Co. was started in 2022 by Katie Furukawa (she/her). In addition to creating handmade goods, Katie works as a sewing instructor and writes a blog at

011ybits Pixel Art

A local bay artist, 011ybits Pixel Art brings a fusion of modern day pop culture and retro pixel art as gift, fandom pieces and original artworks. You can find us up and down California doing pop-up shows and also available online! Please bring us boba. T^T

To learn more about 011ybits, visit

Designs by Masako

Masako has created a variety of earrings, necklaces and bracelets using rare and beautiful glass beads from Japan since 2018. Known as hotaru-dama, tombo-dama and tensha beads, these beads are made exclusively in Japan where Masako was born and raised. Her jewelry has been exhibited at regional events and local craft fairs since 2018.

To learn more about Designs by Masako, visit

Made by Chanamon

Made by Chanamon is a small business that carries cute and colorful illustrated goods to unleash your fun and whimsical side. Thai American owner Chanamon Ratanalert strives to spread joy and vibrancy throughout the world with her art, creating products that bring people together and raise awareness about topics such as mental health, the Asian American diaspora, and owning a small business.

Wanting to learn more about the life of a full-time artist and business owner? Follow her on Instagram where she shares her experiences and advice for managing an art career and small business. Visit the Made by Chanamon booth to check out a wide variety of products ranging from prints and stickers to apparel and accessories or find them online at

AiTsuki Art

I am a local artist who enjoys drawing a variety of things like anime fanart and cute original art! I sell keychains, stickers, apparels, and prints featuring my artwork. I also sell handmade accessories such as beaded charms, earrings, bracelets, and hair accessories.

To learn more about AiTsuki Art, visit

Tofu Pals

Tofu Pals, an art brand founded by Caryn Yip, a California native and Cal graduate, introduces a collection of eight original characters inspired by diverse Asian tofu cuisines. Chau, Mera, Akko, Samu, Subu, Fah, Pom, and Taho form a group of adorable friends – each possessing unique personalities, preferences, and dislikes, bonded together by their deep affection for one another.

Caryn’s motivation behind creating the Tofu Pals stemmed from her desire to showcase various Asian cultures, alongside her own Teochew/Hokkien background and upbringing as a first-generation American. Her artwork draws inspiration from nature, games and movies, Asian cuisine, and nostalgic memories of her childhood. Tofu Pals offers a delightful assortment of products including enamel pins, stickers, tote bags, stationery, and more!

To learn more about Tofu Pals, visit

6 Degrees of Hapa

6 Degrees of Hapa is all about celebrating mixed cultures through apparel, art, community building, and storytelling. The artist behind 6 Degrees of Hapa, Naomi Takata Shepherd, is based in San Jose, CA and began 6 Degrees of Hapa in 2011. Please check out 6 Degrees of Hapa’s online home at to find out our pop-up schedule and shop with us!

Menmin Made

Menmin Made was created by Paulina Hoong to bring forward expressive watercolor plants + florals + food + AAPI-inspired prints, stickers, cards, and apparel into this world. Through watercolor art, I express my vision for a better world with whimsical, bright, and joyful colors.

I draw inspiration from Chinese symbolism, the diasporic Midwestern Asian American experience, being a restaurant kid, and the natural world. I love to smell flowers, taste food, and chase sunsets, which manifest into my art.

My goal is to make art accessible to people from all cultures and brighten up any space!

To learn more about Menmin Made, visit

Made By Cas5

Crafts inspired by pop culture, animation, nostalgia, the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, food and more. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade and painted in San Francisco. Featuring AAPI-inspired planters, stickers, and crafts inspired by anime, Asian food, animation and games. Instagram: @Madebycas5


Makimino is a boutique shop providing cute and fun designs on shirts, decals and buttons!

To learn more about MakiMino, visit