Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Stage in Hall C

11:30 a.m. .. .Edamame Hummus by The Culinary Dude

12:40 p.m. ..  Peanut Butter Misoyaki Chicken Wings by Chef Wade Tamura

1:40 p.m. ….  Hodo Yuba & Tofu   by S+M Vegan

2:40 p.m. ….. Tofu Mochi Donuts by Eri Combs of Kaori’s Kitchen

3:40 p.m. ….Soymilk Custard by The Gochiso Gourmet Ryan Tatsumoto


This year’s Festival features a curated set of cooking demonstrators, who will add their culinary skills to the mix. This includes The Culinary Dude / Scott Davis, who will demonstrate Edamame Hummus; Chef Wade Tamura, who will demonstrate Peanut Butter Misoyaki Chicken Wings; S+W Vegan, who will demonstrate using Hodo yuba and tofu; Tofu Mochi Donuts by Eri Combs of Kaori’s Kitchen; and longtime Nichi Bei Times / Nichi Bei Weekly columnist The Gochiso Gourmet / Ryan Tatsumoto of Hawai‘i, who will demonstrate Soymilk Custard.

The Culinary Dude / Scott Davis

Scott Davis, The Culinary Dude.

The Culinary Dude is a business focused on hands-on culinary education, fun, health, safety, nutrition and teamwork in and outside the kitchen. The business engages students of all ages in Bay Area cooking classes.

The Culinary Dude’s goal is simple and meaningful: Empower students with the kitchen skills to become self-sufficient and make healthy choices for themselves, their families and their future. The nut-free business uses sunflower seeds and SunButter as a nut replacement unless otherwise requested. The Culinary Dude also offers the following services:


Cooking Classes

The Culinary Dude caters to each child individually, to help them where they need improvement and caps class numbers to keep the class intimate, so one’s child does not get lost in the masses and feels like they are part of the whole.

The Culinary Dude offers various cooking classes and events with a wide array of themes throughout the year. The Culinary Dude is currently teaching classes in San Francisco and Tiburon.


Cooking Camps

Their hands-on cooking camps will enable kids to find their inner chef. The Culinary Dude has created a collection of daily menus that the kids will cook themselves. Using the fresh ingredients, fun and interactive cooking techniques, the kids will prepare meals from scratch each day as they learn kitchen and food safety, professional kitchen etiquette, measuring ratios, prep skills and table manners.

In addition to a wide variety of tactile recipes, kids will participate in additional food-related activities. All camps include lunch for all campers. They offer a variety of cooking camps throughout the year with a wide array of themes.

The Culinary Dude is offering $100 off their first week of cooking camp, June 11-15. Use the promo code “STHILARY2018” when signing up.

At the Festival, The Culinary Dude will demonstrate how to make Edamame Hummus at 11:30 a.m. in Hall C.

For more information, visit:

Chef Wade Tamura

Chef Wade Tamura is a local San Francisco Japantown boy who grew up learning to cook by watching his mother. That early experience turned into a lifelong passion and profession.

After completing the City College of San Francisco’s Culinary Arts Program and Skyline College’s Hotel & Restaurant Management Program, Chef Tamura had the opportunity to work in a myriad of kitchens which include the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Box Lunch Company, Genentech, Google, Facebook and the Slanted Door Company.

At Google’s Pacific Cafe, one of 11 cafeterias on its Mountain View, Calif. campus, Chef Tamura’s Sushi, Origami Salmon and Furikake Fried Chicken with an island twist became popular staples among the crowds that streamed through his restaurant for lunch. At Facebook’s Headquarters Chef Tamura opened the first ever all Asian food truck Hacking the Dragon for the employees.

Today Chef Tamura works as a privet caterer around the Bay Area.

While Chef Tamura’s work makes for a hectic schedule, his heart has not strayed far from giving back to the people who made him who he is today. “It is my honor to be taking part in the 2018 Soy and Tofu Festival,” Tamura said.

At the Festival, Chef Wade Tamura will demonstrate how to make Peanut Butter Misoyaki Chicken Wings at 12:40 p.m. in Hall C.


S+M Vegan and Hodo yuba and tofu

S+M Vegan was founded in the winter of 2013 when Shane Stanbridge and Marie Chia, who had both previously worked at restaurants in New York and the Bay Area (including Pure Food and Wine, Encuentro in Oakland, Millennium, L’ Arpège…), began selling sandwiches out of a tiny toaster oven at their neighborhood bar after their shifts, and mac and cheese on Sundays in front of a local from-scratch pasta company’s storefront.

They quickly gained a following and, after an all-you-can-eat dinner hosted in their home attracted close to three times the amount of guests expected, they turned their full attention to suppers, pop ups at bars, galleries and restaurants all over Oakland and the Bay Area, and, in response to a growing demand, catering, as well as cooking classes and demos locally and in France and Singapore.

Their cooking centers local, seasonal produce in its many forms, fresh, cooked, fermented, preserved. Their inspiration comes from the farmers’ market, as well as their combined Italian, French and Southeast Asian roots.

Hodo starts with select organic soybeans that meet their protein and fat requirements, which they then reconstitute and grind to a puree to optimum thickness using a very fine stone grinder. The puree is then simmered and pressed to extract the “bean juice.” This juice, or soymilk, is the base ingredient of all Hodo products.

To make the cleanest tasting tofu, they use a naturally occurring mineral called calcium sulfate to coagulate the soymilk.  Hodo meticulously manages its protein salt-to-soymilk concentration to ensure they get the best mouthfeel and taste in their tofu.  They then break the coagulated soymilk into curds to release whey and deposit the curds into cheesecloth-lined molds to be hand-wrapped and pressed.

Due to its artisanal yet scientific process, Hodo tofu, has, on average, 50 percent more protein than other tofu in the market. This higher protein content yields a tactile tofu that is easy to handle, requires next to no draining, and provides a good mouthfeel, taste and texture.

Hodo is the only producer in the country that offers fresh, organic yuba.  To make yuba, they simmer their soymilk, so that the fats and protein rise to the top and form a paper-thin sheet; this sheet is lifted off the surface of the warm milk by hand and dripped-dry. It is a delectable ingredient — sweet, nutty and satisfying, and nutrient-dense.

Hodo uses all-American soybeans and coagulants.

At the Festival, S+M Vegan will demonstrate how to make yuba and tofu dishes using Hodo products at 1:40 p.m. in Hall C.

For more information on Hodo products, visit: For more information on S+M Vegan, visit:

Eri Combs of Kaori’s Kitchen


Eri Combs is a Japanese bread instructor from Kaori’s Kitchen, and also a mom of three children. She grew up in the countryside of Japan.

“My mother values making food by hand and eating food together,” she said. “Recently, this value has been getting more famous and the word ‘shokuiku’ was coined. It means something like ‘food education.’ In context, it can be translated roughly as ‘raising healthy children, in both body and mind, starts with healthy eating.’

“It’s easy to overlook what or how children eat, but I think it’s very important, especially in a family. I’m always looking for simple, tasty, and healthy recipes, the sort that people think of when they say ‘like mother used to make.’ That is a main reason I started teaching how to make Japanese bread. I learned baking from my mother. Even now, when I bake, I remember baking with her: fun times filled with mom’s love.”

At the Festival, she will demonstrate how to make Tofu Mochi Donuts at 2:40 p.m. in Hall C.

The Gochiso Gourmet Ryan Tatsumoto


The Gochiso Gourmet is Ryan Tatsumoto who was born in Honolulu and raised on the Windward side of O‘ahu.

He graduated from James B. Castle High School and earned his bachelor’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. After several years working at odds and ends jobs in Hawai‘i, he decided to attend the University of California at San Francisco where he earned a doctorate in pharmacy and currently works as a clinical pharmacist for the federal government.

He started writing for the Nichi Bei Times as a food, wine and nutrition columnist in their January 2003 issue. When the Nichi Bei Times closed in September of 2009, he continued his popular food column in the nonprofit publication Nichi Bei Weekly.

Though he’s never cooked professionally, he does frequently tinker about the kitchen. Successes thus far include winning the Hawaiian Electric Healthy Recipe contest and being a finalist in the Liberty House Taro Recipe contest. He hopes to be a finalist in the Cooking Light recipe contest and finish his cookbook someday.

He also is a certified sommelier as determined by the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Specialist of Wine as determined by the Society of Wine Educators.

At the Festival, the Gochiso Gourmet will demonstrate how to make Soymilk Custard at 3:40 p.m. in Hall C.