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Nakayoshi Young Professionals

San Jose Tofu – (408) 292-7026



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Rawsheed Native Fusion

Veggie Tandoor

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Bamboo Whisperer

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Veggie TandoorVeggie Tandoor

Veggie Tandoor takes a 5,000-year authentic Tandoori cooking method to prepare a variety of 100 percent vegan dishes. They have Tofu Tikka Masala Wraps or Rice Bowls, Mango Lassi (made with house made Organic Soy Yogurt), Falooda (Indian dessert with soymilk and non-dairy Ice Cream) and more.

—   veggietandoor.com

Rawsheed Native Fusion f veggie dogRawsheed Native Fusion

Rawsheed Patton serves raw organic and vegan foods, prepared without oils, agave or gluten. First becoming a vegetarian for his health, he learned an appreciation for all life and incorporates that spirituality into his cooking. He has served notable vegans, including Alicia Silverstone and Erykah Badu, along with 700,000 more diners during the past 19 years.


Village KoVillage Ko

Village Ko is a California-based online shop and blog curated by Korean American siblings Sewon and James specializing in small-batch artisan-made pantry staples, nature-inspired cosmetics, and fun lifestyle goods from South Korea.



Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of soy products based in Torrance, Calif. They produce the popular Mori-Nu Silken Tofu brand, a line of silken tofu widely sold across the U.S. and around the world, as well as the industrial and food service ingredient Silken Soy Puree. Their soy products are sold in a unique aseptic package that protects fresh tofu from light and bacteria and allows for a long shelf life without refrigeration — without the use of preservatives.


Megumi Natto courtesy of Megumi Natto-IMG_0482 FORMATMegumi Natto

Japan Traditional Foods Inc. was established in 2006. Two years later, the specialized natto-making process was transferred from Japan to its facility in California’s Sonoma County wine country, home of many cutting edge agricultural products, to produce the highest quality of organic, naturally fermented natto in the U.S. In 2013, Japan Traditional Foods, Inc. completed a restructuring to become MegumiNATTO, Inc.

Natto is a traditional food from Japan, recognized for centuries for its unique health benefits. Fermentation enhances the nutrition of soybeans. During fermentation, a beneficial bacteria, Bacillus natto, is added to the soybeans.  This results in the production of the enzyme Nattokinase. This enzyme has been found to dissolve blood clots and thin blood. Megumi Natto is high in protein, good source of dietary fiber, and rich in Vitamin B2 and K2.


Returning food vendors


While it has less than 40 percent of the salt than the all-purpose Kikkoman Soy Sauce does, the Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce maintains the product’s flavor and quality. Ponzu or citrus-seasoned soy sauces and dressings offer a “splash of savory flavor” on seafood, grilled meats and vegetables. It has the “perfect balance of salty, tangy and sweet to enhance a wide variety of foods.”

Made with organic soybeans, Pearl® Organic Smart Soymilk is cholesterol-free, preservative-free, lactose-free and lower in fat and calories than regular milk, with a rich, creamy flavor. Kikkoman has 8.25-oz. size Pearl® Organic Original, Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Soymilk flavors in order to meet the USDA’s guidelines for fluid milk substitutions in school nutrition programs.


Strawberry Moffle Waffle.DSC02742Moffle Waffle

Crisp outside and chewy mochi inside, the unique moffles (mochi + waffle = moffle) are vegan and gluten free. Using a soy-based vegan butter, Moffle Waffle has built its moffle batter from the ground up to be different. Get yours topped with choices of fresh fruits and scratch-made sauces and creams. For those craving something on the more savory side, they also offer Mochiko Chicken and Waffles. These crispy fried chicken pieces feature a gluten free soy marinade and glaze accompanied by two delicious garlic and onion mini waffles.



With the tofu-making process being so labor intensive and more companies choosing to automate, San Jose Tofu remains as one of the last handmade tofu-shops in the country. It is no wonder that this tofu sometimes sells out, with people driving for miles just to buy it. With a taste and texture that can’t compare to a mass-produced tofu, San Jose Tofu is worth the wait, and a drive — it’s a labor of love that you won’t find anywhere else.

—   (408) 292-7026; 175 Jackson St., San Jose, Calif.


SOYJOY ingredients are whole and healthy, like real fruit and whole soy. Every SOYJOY bar is baked with high-quality, non-genetically modified ground whole soy — retaining all of soy’s naturally-occurring nutrients. Soy is the only plant-based source for a complete set of proteins our bodies need. All SOYJOY bars are made with real fruit bursting with seasonal flavors — and nutrients. They use only 100 percent natural, real food ingredients, like real strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and bananas, to make naturally delicious, nutrient-rich SOYJOY. No artificial colors, flavors, or hydrogenated oils. Plus, SOYJOY is gluten free.


Kokio_Republic_20150521_182636.FORMATKokio Republic Food Truck

This Korean Style Fried Chicken food truck is based in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Find Crispy, Fingerlicking, and Addictive Korean Fried Chicken nowhere but at Kokio Republic. Their slogan: “We fry, you try.” 

 — www.kokiorepublic.com

Nakayoshi CaféNakayoshi Café

Operated and created by the Nakayoshi Young Professionals volunteer group since the Festival’s inception, 100 percent of all proceeds from the Nakayoshi Café booth — including Mabo Tofu, Tofu Sushi Rolls, Vanilla Ice Cream with Soy Sauce Caramel and Soymilk Kanten Jelly — will benefit the Nichi Bei Foundation.

—   Nakayoshi.org


Health & Wellness

Farm Fresh To YouFarm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You educates consumers about healthy eating, sustainable agriculture and its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of connecting the community directly to the farm by delivering high quality, organic produce fresh from its farms to your doorstep. www.farmfreshtoyou.com

Asian American Donor Program.IMG_3477_AADP_Will-you-marrow-me_FORMAT_photo_byScottNakajima-Nakajima PhotographyAsian American Donor Program

The Asian American Donor Program is dedicated to increasing the availability of potential stem cells donors for patients with life threatening diseases curable by a stem cell transplant.



New artisans in 2016

RxCandles.jpgRx Candles

Jocelyn created RxCandles as an escape from her corporate day job,  so she named it Rx for her “cure for cubicle fever.” Sisters Jocelyn and Jennifer were funded through Kickstarter, and grew in their local markets then expanded up to the Bay Area, where the rest of the family has gotten involved.

Their candles are handmade on a weekly basis. Their goal is to create candles that have strong scents, but that are still light and clean. Rx Candles are made with 100 percent soy wax (not a blend of waxes), which means that there will be imperfections, but you’ll get the clean burning natural wax that isn’t commonly found at big box stores. They believe in “making luxury candles for a reasonable price.”

—   www.rxcandles.com

6 Degrees of Hapa.IMG_11156 Degrees of Hapa

6 Degrees of Hapa is all about celebrating mixed cultures and spreading a little hapa pride through snapbacks, tees and apparel. Founder and owner, Naomi Takata Shepherd, draws her inspiration from her diverse roots and creates designs that feature Spam musubi, shave ice, and the maneki-neko to name a few.


Dazzling Dragons.image1Dazzling Dragons

Offering unique and colorful luggage tags as well as jewelry and fold-up bags, Dazzling Dragons operates on a philosophy of selling items that are useful and affordable.



Fun and clever gift items and clothing with a “rice” sense of humor. Spread laughter and joy to family and friends with HugaSumo products.



Returning artisans


Sumofish is a San Francisco-based independent line of T-shirts with unique Japanese illustrations by owner Brandt Fuse.

—   www.big-sumo.com

Official Festival Merchandise

Official Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival merchandise — including T-shirts, sling backpacks, bags, totes, mugs, magnets and pins — will be available at the Festival, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward Festival expenses.


Find Makimino’s fun and cute designs on apparel and more! Oh goodness.

—   www.makimino.com

Bamboo Whisperer.image2Bamboo Whisperer

Bamboo Whisperer is a local business that offers 100 percent original, hand-crafted designs created from large bamboo. Each lighted display can be enjoyed during the day or at night with the (included) bright, color-changing, LED light!