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Hey Soy and Tofu lovers! Check out our vendors at the Soy and Tofu Festival!


2017 Food Vendors

(Partial list as of June 13, 2017)


While it has less than 40 percent of the salt than the all-purpose Kikkoman Soy Sauce does, the Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce maintains the product’s flavor and quality. Ponzu or citrus-seasoned soy sauces and dressings offer a “splash of savory flavor” on seafood, grilled meats and vegetables. It has the “perfect balance of salty, tangy and sweet to enhance a wide variety of foods.”

Made with organic soybeans, Pearl® Organic Smart Soymilk is cholesterol-free, preservative-free, lactose-free and lower in fat and calories than regular milk, with a rich, creamy flavor. Kikkoman has 8.25-oz. size Pearl® Organic Original, Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Soymilk flavors in order to meet the USDA’s guidelines for fluid milk substitutions in school nutrition programs.




With the tofu-making process being so labor intensive and more companies choosing to automate, San Jose Tofu remains as one of the last handmade tofu-shops in the country. It is no wonder that this tofu sometimes sells out, with people driving for miles just to buy it. With a taste and texture that can’t compare to a mass-produced tofu, San Jose Tofu is worth the wait, and a drive — it’s a labor of love that you won’t find anywhere else.

—   (408) 292-7026; 175 Jackson St., San Jose, Calif.




FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: Torrance, Calif. company packages its tofu in a box

Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of soy products based in Torrance, Calif. They produce the popular Mori-Nu Silken Tofu brand, a line of silken tofu widely sold across the U.S. and around the world, as well as the industrial and food service ingredient Silken Soy Puree. Their soy products are sold in a unique aseptic package that protects fresh tofu from light and bacteria and allows for a long shelf life without refrigeration — without the use of preservatives.


Megumi Natto courtesy of Megumi Natto-IMG_0482 FORMATMegumi Natto

FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: Company distributes fresh handmade natto in the U.S.

Japan Traditional Foods Inc. was established in 2006. Two years later, the specialized natto-making process was transferred from Japan to its facility in California’s Sonoma County wine country, home of many cutting edge agricultural products, to produce the highest quality of organic, naturally fermented natto in the U.S. In 2013, Japan Traditional Foods, Inc. completed a restructuring to become MegumiNATTO, Inc.

Natto is a traditional food from Japan, recognized for centuries for its unique health benefits. Fermentation enhances the nutrition of soybeans. During fermentation, a beneficial bacteria, Bacillus natto, is added to the soybeans.  This results in the production of the enzyme Nattokinase. This enzyme has been found to dissolve blood clots and thin blood. Megumi Natto is high in protein, good source of dietary fiber, and rich in Vitamin B2 and K2.



The Japanese Pantry

FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: Japanese Pantry delivers straight to your doorstep

Local San Francisco chefs founded The Japanese Pantry, an online Japanese ingredients store, in 2015 to sell Japanese traditional ingredients brought from provincial Japanese businesses.

The company sells Japanese ingredients, including mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine), shoyu, rice vinegar and sesame oil, which are essential in making Japanese food.

— www.thejapanesepantry.com


Jade Chocolates

FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: An Asian and Pacific Islander take on chocolates

Jade Chocolates, a company that specializes in handmade artisan chocolates with ingredients from Asia and the Pacific Islands, was established in 2008 with its mission to represent the mixture of Asian and Western cultures that coexists in San Francisco.

 Mindy Fong, a former architectural designer, started the company when she decided to raise a family, and was inspired by her grandfather, whose restaurants served Chinese and American foods.

The relatively new chocolate shop has been recognized nationwide for its creative use of culturally unique ingredients inspired by different Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.

— www.jadechocolates.com


Tofu Yu

FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: Tofu Yu is all about ‘tofusion’

Tofu Yu is a gourmet tofu company based in Berkeley, Calif. that was started in 2007 by Kevin Stong, who uses traditional Chinese methods to produce creative tofu foods in the U.S.

Stong learned how to make tofu in Northern China, where he found varieties of tofu that he had never seen before, and brought tofu makers from China to make tofu in the U.S. With the growing popularity of soy vegan food products, Stong decided to open the company and experiment with creating new tofu foods that he said cannot be found anywhere else.

“You can do anything with tofu,” Stong said. “I can make tofu taste like anything.”



Smoked Out Jerky

Smoked Out Jerky, affiliated with Smokehouse Jerky Company, has been creating Gourmet Brisket Beef Jerky of the highest quality since 2003. The company creates a natural jerky with hickory smoked brisket beef from Harris Ranch in its California smokehouse. “All of our beef jerky is made with no added preservatives or MSG, no nitrates, no fillers and no binders of any kind,” said the company. “We also pride ourselves in the fact that our beef jerky has a lower sodium content than most commercial manufacturers. We always use the best ingredients and the highest quality brisket cut of beef. Our beef is never chopped, pressed or formed. We do everything to the highest standard to produce our exceptional taste and tenderness. We will be showcasing all of our flavors and highlighting our fabulous flavors made with soy sauce.”


Tsubi Soup

Tsubi Soup is “100% plant powered – gourmet miso soup cubes – made with clean ingredients – low sodium – no MSG – gluten free – vegan – non GMO – fully traceable – just add hot water – 3 unique flavors – made in Japan,” the company stated. Tsubi Soup is a freeze-dried instant vegan soup cube that delivers all the delicious and nutritional benefits of authentic Japanese miso soup in a convenient single serve pack. “We simply wanted to create a soup for the busy and health conscious person, who loves to eat great tasting food. We’ve squeezed in as many Japanese vegetables and tasty ingredients as we possibly could, into EVERY cube,” the company said. “You don’t need to add anything else, just add hot water!  Simply open Tsubi Soup into a mug, pour in 6oz (3/4 cup) of hot water, stir and watch the ingredients magically blossom to life!” Available in three gourmet miso flavors, it’s the perfect guilt-free snack to enjoy at home, work, on holidays and camping trips.



The Sarap Shop

The Sarap Shop is a Filipino American food truck and catering company by Kristen Brillantes and JP Reyes. They embrace the dual meaning of the word “sarap” by creating comforting menus with something for everyone, and equally comforting experiences that make everyone at the table feel loved.


Food Trucks

Kurotaka Ramen

FROM THE NICHI BEI WEEKLY: The secret is in the soup at the Kurotaka Ramen food truck

The magic is in the soup – a creation of two mixtures blended to create the perfect flavor. The Kurotaka Ramen broth – containing pork bones and skin, chicken breast and skin, and vegetables — is boiled for 10 hours. This process creates a broth that is nutrient-dense, easy to digest, great for the skin and rich in flavor. The “tare” is boiled for 18 hours and contains natural seafood and soy sauce. — www.kurotakaramen.com


Artisan Vendors


Sumofish is a San Francisco-based independent line of T-shirts with unique Japanese illustrations by owner Brandt Fuse.

—   www.big-sumo.com

Official Festival Merchandise

Official Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival merchandise — including T-shirts, sling backpacks, bags, totes, mugs, magnets and pins — will be available at the Festival, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward Festival expenses.



Find Makimino’s fun and cute designs on apparel and more! “Oh goodness.”

—   www.makimino.com

Yume Glass Art

Handmade kiln formed fused glass jewelry, handcrafted origami and unique and one-of-a-kind Japanese kimono remake clothing. — www.yumeglassart.com


Kogei(工芸) was started by Yoshiko Sasa, a wife, mother, home-cook, and crafter. Her background is in needlework and she hopes to be able to share her crafts with others to enjoy.
— Contact Kogei at tamakisasa@gmail.com

Eastwind Books of Berkeley

Since 1982, Eastwind Books of Berkeley has been a major source for Asian American literature, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, Language Learning, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts books.  Eastward Books of Berkeley supports and promotes various authors at its book events and have been involved in the promotion of books written by socially conscious authors. Come check out our book table for cookbooks, children’s books, and more!  — www.asiabookcenter.com



Retailers Luana Ige and Gail Penaranda from Belmont, California — both originally from Hawai‘i — offer Island-style and fashion jewelry, leis, hair flowers and accessories, hand bags, pareus, Hawaiian food snacks and more.

SF Balloon Angels

Michie from SF Balloon Angels has been making balloon art for over 10 years. SF Balloon Angels is an organization where members share their balloon art with each other. The Balloon Angels participate in several events such as Christmas celebration and Children’s Day celebration in Japantown. They fly all over SF to spread smiles!

Dana Fong Face Painting

Dana Fong is a graduate of UCD with a degree in Design & Art Studio. She is currently a Graphic Designer specializing in print and web. Freelancer as a face painter and art & craft instructor since 2010. She is great with kids and the end results will be instagram worthy! — www.danafong.com


Nathan Parnell Photobooth

Come and take some photos with your favorite tofu props!

Health & Wellness

Asian American Donor Program.IMG_3477_AADP_Will-you-marrow-me_FORMAT_photo_byScottNakajima-Nakajima PhotographyAsian American Donor Program

The Asian American Donor Program is dedicated to increasing the availability of potential stem cells donors for patients with life threatening diseases curable by a stem cell transplant.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage by Wendell Ching, Certified Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Kahaluu, Oahu, Wendell Ching learned the art of Lomi Lomi massage at the early age of 10 from his Uncle Keoki Kawelo, in Pakole, Kahaluu. Lomi Lomi is a style of massage native to Hawai‘i that utilizes long, continuous fluid strokes, with the goal of healing and restoring energetic harmony. Wendell went on to study acupressure and graduated from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, Calif. He has also received a Certificate of Achievement in Thai Massage from the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand.

— (650) 619-9748      e-mail: abdives@gmail.com


Food Product or In-Kind Donors:

Tofurky www.tofurky.com

Cold Mountain Miso www.coldmountainmiso.com

Hodo Soy Beanery hodosoy.com

Pietro www.angelopietro.com

North American Food www.nafdc.com

Berkeley Bowl www.berkeleybowl.com

Cliff Bar www.clifbar.com

Tofuture www.tofuture.com

Great Eastern Sun great-eastern-sun.com