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Nichi Bei CafeMabo Tofu, Inarizushi

In February of 2022, the Nichi Bei Foundation launched the “Nichi Bei Café,” a monthly livestream program that serves up a “mixed plate of Japanese American news and culture.” Complementing the community newspaper, Nichi Bei staff and columnists shoot and present interesting stories surrounding the Japanese American community.

At the Soy and Tofu Festival, the Nichi Bei Café food booth serves up a duo of soy dishes: mabo dofu and inarizushi. Total proceeds from this booth benefit the Nichi Bei Foundation.

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Bachan’s – Tofu w/ Bachan’s sauce samples

Since he was a kid, Justin Gill dreamed of bringing his family’s sauce to market. Beginning in 2013, he set out to start working on this business, which honors his family’s heritage and values, in particular those of his grandmother, or “bachan” Judy Yokoyama. Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce was finally brought to the market in June of 2019.

The family sauce, passed down through generations, is cold-filled, which eliminates the need for additives, preservatives or flavorings. It’s made in small batches, non-GMO certified, with authentic Japanese ingredients. Joining the original Bachan’s sauce is a new lineup of Yuzu, Hot & Spicy, and Gluten-Free varieties.

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Morinaga – Strawberry Banana Smoothies, Yuzu & Edamame Tofu bites

Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc. is a manufacturer of soy products based in Torrance, Calif. They produce the popular Mori-Nu Silken Tofu brand, a line of silken tofu widely sold across the U.S. and around the world, as well as the industrial and food service ingredient Silken Soy Puree. Their soy products are sold in a unique aseptic package that protects fresh tofu from light and bacteria and allows for a long shelf life without refrigeration — without the use of preservatives.

It’s great for Strawberry Banana Tofu Smoothies! Mori-Nu Plus has taken tofu beyond its standard nutritional profile and taste experience to something that surprises and delights healthy-living enthusiasts — all with the velvety texture that has made Mori-Nu tofu famous worldwide, along with the shelf-stable convenience available only with Mori-Nu.

Whether used in a wide variety of recipes or consumed straight from the package, Mori-Nu Plus Fortified Tofu is a delicious, velvety smooth, nutrient-rich, plant-based food designed to help the body’s well-being. A good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D, Mori-Nu Plus is packed with nutrition, including Morinaga’s proprietary postbiotic, LAC-Shield. The award-winning aseptic packaging provides the convenience of shelf-stable storage with no refrigeration needed until opened. Dairy-free, certified gluten-free, verified non-GMO*, and kosher. Simple, natural, and healthy!

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Kikkoman – Soy milk, sauces, hiyayakko tofu samples

While it has less than 40 percent of the salt than the all-purpose Kikkoman Soy Sauce does, the Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce maintains the product’s flavor and quality. Ponzu or citrus-seasoned soy sauces and dressings offer a “splash of savory flavor” on seafood, grilled meats and vegetables. It has the “perfect balance of salty, tangy and sweet to enhance a wide variety of foods.”

Made with organic soybeans, Pearl® Organic Smart Soymilk is cholesterol-free, preservative-free, lactose-free and lower in fat and calories than regular milk, with a rich, creamy flavor.

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Pine United Methodist Church – Wafu Dogs (Japanese style hot dogs)

Pine United Methodist Church is a historically Japanese American, predominantly Asian American, LGBTQIA+ affirming church (a Reconciling Congregation) focused on deepening faith, social justice and community. It is a place of worship whose mission is to facilitate spiritual growth, support spiritual needs, and provide avenues of service so that Christ’s love, compassion and genuine, just peace becomes a concrete, lived reality in our world. They will be serving Wafu Dogs using soy-based balls in a hot dog bun with Japanese-style toppings.

Uji Time Dessert – Tofu soft serve ice cream, Tofu pudding with sugar cane juice, Soy Milk, Sugar Cane Juice (Passion Fruit, Kumquat, Lime)

Uji Time Dessert is a Japanese-fusion ice cream shop, the first to serve taiyaki ice cream in the Bay Area! They serve authentic Asian-inspired soft serve flavors, including Tofu ice cream which is served the first weekend of every month at their Japantown SF location.

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Ohana Floral Sweets – Shoyu caramel hojicha mochi, Matcha mochi, flower mochi, flower cookies

Ohana Floral Sweets is a mother and daughter run pop-up sweets shop based in the Bay Area. They make sweet mochi treats with high quality ingredients and lots of love.

The Pop Nation – Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Popsicle made with Soy Milk, various other popsicle flavors

The Pop Nation is a family-run business that started in San Francisco in 2011. Their hand crafted POPS are modeled after the traditional Mexican Paletas. Each one of their POPS is made using fresh fruits and ingredients. All flavors are 100% VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. And they use only natural sweeteners including coconut palm sugar and raw organic cane sugar to give their fruity POPS their sweetness.

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Hodo Soy – Miso tofu, Indian spiced tofu

Since 2004, Hodo has been handcrafting delicious, wholesome, organic tofu and yuba in the Bay Area. The soul of the company lies in the quality of soybeans and it only seemed fitting to reflect that in the company name. “Ho” is Cantonese for “Good” and “Do” is Mandarin for “Bean” so it’s a linguistic mash-up for “Good Bean!” They use only the highest quality, 100% organic, North American-grown soybeans that are full of protein and good fats. This higher protein content yields a tactile tofu that is easy to handle, doesn’t need pressing, and provides amazing taste and texture.

At this year’s Soy and Tofu Festival, they are happy to share two brand-new products with you: their fragrant Indian Spiced Tofu and umami-rich Miso Tofu. Both are full of flavor and ready for your next meal!

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Kahnfections – Miso Caramel Bread Pudding, Matcha-Tofu Cheesecakes, Arare Cookies

Kahnfections is a small neighborhood bakery that bakes classic breakfast pastries, including croissants, scones, biscuits and single-serve quiches, as well as fun treats like cookies, bars, and brownies. They are also known for their fantastic biscuit sandwiches, bread pudding, made to order cakes and even treats for your four-footed friends. They are excited to feature some twists on some of their classic desserts such as their popular bread pudding — this time made with soy milk and drizzled with some miso caramel and some matcha tofu cheesecake as well as their popular arare cookies!”

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